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Welcome to Shades of Sun

We are Northampton’s premier red light collagen and tanning salon

In accordance with government guidelines we are now open. Bookings can only be made via phone.

Call 01604 622341
We will be booking on a first come basis
NO bulk bookings, we want everyone to get an opportunity (especially with reduced opening hours). If the time you want is not available you will be offered the next available appointment
We need to remind people of the importance of looking after your skin, so recommended times will be advised all of the details will be advised when making your appointment. We look forward to seeing everyone again.

We will be operating with new opening hours as follows:

Monday to Friday: 12pm to 7pm 

Saturday: 12pm to 6pm 

Sunday: Closed


welcome to our salon

Our Services

Welcome to Shades of Sun, providers of professional tanning solutions and red light therapy treatment.

Red Light Therapy

Beautiful Skin With Red Light Collagen Treatment

Our 100% Red Light Collagen Therapy beds help to stimulate collagen production and reduce or delay the visible signs of ageing.

Red Light Therapy works in the same way that photosynthesis works for plants. It is thought that certain wavelengths of light can enhance the functioning of mitochondria, which are the organelles in a cell which take in nutrients and break them down to create energy. By enhancing the cellular respiration, it will improve the functioning of the whole cell.

Our Featured Products

Our range of accelerators and bronzers will help you to naturally and safely bring colour and a radiant glow to your skin. Shades of Sun recommend that you use a tanning cream when using beds and booths (as well as sunbathing outdoors) and an after tanning skin care cream.

An accelerator with no bronzer for a rich and natural tan. Thanks to Aloe, chamomile, and agave extract, your skin will be restored and nourished.

A unique and luxurious lotion that is a mix of a bronzer and accelerator. Based on caviar extract it gives you a deep and intense tan in no time. 

A unique formula combining tanning and anti-ageing ingredients such as collagen, argan oil and silk proteins which protect while leaving the skin firm and rejuvenated.

Call 01604 622341 for our special offers


Stand Up Sunbeds

6 Minutes


9 Minutes


12 Minutes


15 Minutes


60 Minutes


Lie Down Sunbeds

6 Minutes


9 Minutes


12 Minutes


15 Minutes


60 Minutes


Collagen Beds

Collagen Bed sessions are offered for:

           20 Minutes £20.00

           60 Minutes £45.00

The full package offer (6 weeks):

3 sessions per week – £220

4 sessions per week – £300

Monthly top up requirement £50 (4 x 20 minute sessions, one per week)

Due to legal regulations, nobody under the age of 18 can use our tanning or collagen beds. 

232 -234 Wellingborough Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 4EJ      Tel: 01604 622341

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Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 12pm – 7pm

Saturday: 12pm – 6pm

Sunday: Closed